What does a Helper do?
Helpers volunteer their time to help keep the community happy and safe!
• Investigate tickets created by players and use our anticheat system to catch cheaters
• Record evidence of rule-breaking, upload it, and note it in the appropriate place
• Report bugs and provide feedback to the developers to help improve the server
• Answer questions and be a beacon of support for players and other Helpers
• Set a good example to other players and people in the community

What are the perks of being a Helper?
Helpers are rewarded individually based on how much they're able to help the server. We love to reward the people who help us out!

What are the requirements to apply?
You must...
• be 15 years old or older
• be able to read, write, and understand English fluently
• have a Discord account, be a member of the Galaxite Discord, and use a microphone to voice chat
• have a clean record on the server and Discord
• be an active player on the server
• be able to dedicate at least four hours to helping each week
• be able to record and upload video evidence using your device alongside a web browser

Do you wanna be a Helper and meet all the requirements? Fill out this form below and someone will contact you on Discord if we're interested!