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Common Questions

  • Can I use my custom skin on the server?
    Yes you can! You can equip or unequip an Avatar through your 'My Things' menu. Be aware, if you wear an inappropriate or invisible skin, we'll take away the ability for you to wear custom skins on Galaxite.
  • How do I play with my friends?
    While your friends are online, you can add them using our "Friends" menu. Click the totem in your inventory and select "Friends". Once they're added to your friends menu, you can invite them to a party in the same menu.
  • My friends are in a different hub than me, how do I join them?
    With your "Friends" menu open, click on your friend and select "Go to region" and it will teleport you to the same lobby as them!
  • How do I view stats and achievements?
    While in the hub, click the book in your hotbar and you can view your own stats and achievements. To view someone else's, simply punch them in the lobby!
  • How do I learn more about the games and the server?
    You can check out our official Wiki by clicking here! Our wiki team works hard to keep everything up-to-date!
  • Who makes the maps for Galaxite?
    Most maps were made by Blockception, however a few maps were made by community members! You can see who made the map after it is selected for each game!
  • I need to report a player or an issue. How do I do that?
    In your inventory, there's an item labeled "Extra Things!" Click that to open a menu where you can report a player or an issue.  Alternatively, you can report a bug on our Discord server in the #help-me channel! We appreciate your help!
The Extra Things Menu


  • How does the Battlepass work?
    Every player starts with a Battlepass at level 1. By playing games, you'll automatically level up and receive rewards. The Free Battlepass gives you rewards every 6-7 levels, and the Premium Battlepass gives you rewards at every level, including all free rewards.
  • How do I purchase the Battlepass?
    Go to the options menu and click "Galaxite Store". From there, you can purchase a season Battlepass.
  • What's the difference between the free and premium Battlepasses?
    The free Battlepass gives you limited cosmetic items every 6-7 levels. The premium Battlepass gives you access to all cosmetic items available for that season, rewarding you at every level.
  • How do I gain levels?
    Play games! That's it! The more you play, the more you level up. You'll also gain things by completing achievements.
  • How long is a season?
    Around 3-4 months. (This is subject to change.)
  • What happens when a season ends?
    That season's rewards will no longer be available to unlock. A new season and an all new set of cosmetic items will be released. Don't worry, you'll still keep any items you've unlocked in the past!
Season 6 out now!

Cosmetic Items

  • How do I get cosmetic items?
    Play games! The more you play, the more you'll level up and unlock from the Battlepass.
  • How can I purchase things from the store?
    Buy Minecoins! Minecoins can be purchased by clicking the + sign next to your gamertag on any Marketplace page.
Various store items available!
  • I have a cosmetic item, but I can't use it in the hub.
    Certain items are only able to be used in certain games. For example, cores can only be used in Core Wars.
  • How do I use items I've unlocked?
    In the hub, click on the star in your inventory named "My Profile". This will open a menu where you can view all of the things you've unlocked! Click on something to activate it.
  • Why do some people have avatars which aren't on sale?
    At the start of each new season, a new Battlepass is released and the one before it is archived. The rewards from previous Battlepasses won't be available to unlock anymore. Any items unlocked will be kept by the player though, even after the season is over.
  • Can I use my avatars outside of Galaxite?
    No, these items can only be used on the server.


  • Why am I muted or banned?
    You were probably muted for breaking one of our chat rules. You can view our rules on this page.
  • Can I appeal my punishment?
    If you wish to appeal your ban or mute, you may do so here.

Helpers and Special Ranks

  • How do I become a Server Helper?
    Helper Applications are not open at this time.
    The normal requirements are: you must be at least 15 years old, be able to read and write fluently in English, and have a Discord account with the ability to use Voice Chat. You should also be able to dedicate a small amount of time each week to the server.
  • What are each of the different ranks on Galaxite?
    Server Helper: People who volunteer their time on the server by answering tickets, reviewing player reports, and keeping the community happy and safe.
    Staff: The people who work on Galaxite.
    VIP: An honorary title given to friends of the server.
    Influencer: People of influence who have a large following and produce Minecraft-related content.
    Discord Moderator: People who volunteer their time on the Discord server by monitoring chat, answering questions, and keeping the community happy and safe.
  • How do I become a Builder or Staff on the server?
    We are not hiring for any builders or staff.
  • How do I get the Influencer rank?
    You can view information and apply for this role by clicking here.
  • How do I become a Discord Mod?
    Help out in chat, be kind, and be active. When applications are open for this role, it will be posted on our Discord!


  • Where can I view your Privacy Policy?
    Our privacy policy can be viewed here

Still stuck? You can reach out to us on our Twitter or join our Discord Server!