Galaxite features six fun and interactive minigames that you can enjoy playing solo or with friends! Check out more details of our games on our wiki!

Core Wars (formerly known as Planets) is Galaxite's very own version of Bedwars, but with some unique additions.

Doubles and Quads versions of Core Wars where players are in teams of two, three, or four! Join a party to play with a friend!

Before the game starts, choose from many perks to match your play style! 32 players spawn in a 1000x1000 circular map. As time goes on, the “Corruption” will come inward and injure you. The longer the game goes, the less area you have to wander the map safely. The goal is simple, be the last player alive!

See who's the fastest in this unique racing game! Collect power-ups and use abilities against your opponents as you race through one of our many themed maps. Keep an eye out for scraps scattered throughout the track; you can grab those to upgrade your kart. Be the first across the finish line to claim your victory!

8 players spawn in a small map and rush to get to the center. As time goes on, the “Corruption” will come upward and injure you if you fall in. The longer the game goes, the harder it is to escape the "Corruption". The goal is simple, be the last player alive!

Parkour Builders puts the creativity back into the players' hands to become the builder and master community-made parkour maps. As a builder, you can use creative fly mode and a limited creative inventory to build a parkour map. Customize your map with different game mechanics like Checkpoints, Time limit, and/or the time of day. Use your Parkour coins to buy Block Sets, more Game Mechanics, and Themes at the Vanity shop to gain more unique features when building your own parkour. Build a map by yourself or with a group of friends! Don’t forget to test the parkour for playability and shortcuts before you publish your map for the community to play.

Prop Hunt is an advanced version of hide-and-seek. Each game, eight hiders are put into a map and given a brief time to hide. They can turn into almost any of the items around them. Once they have found a sneaky place, players can secure their position by not moving for three seconds and will appear as a regular item to the seekers. While hidden, hiders can taunt the seekers for additional points, which comes with a risk of giving away the hiding spot, so use them wisely!

Fill the Gaps, or FTG for short, is a building-based minigame that has players competing against the clock and each other! At the beginning of each round, a build spawns at the center of the map. Players are allowed a short amount of time to examine and study the build before it disappears. Players are sent back to their plots, and the same build spawns in front of them, only with a variety of blocks missing. The players must fill those missing blocks before time runs out.
There are also Doubles and Quads versions of FTG where players are in teams of two, three, or four! Join a party to play with a friend!

The goal of this horror game is to collect candy and feed it to the escape door to escape the spooky mansion, all while avoiding the mysterious Entity which stalks you throughout the map.
There are two chapters of this game!

This is a farming simulation game where players can buy seeds and livestock, sell their produce, and edit their farm. Explore the local town of Willowdale and forage within its outer area. Get quests from local NPCs and earn rewards!

Playground is an area where you can join and play many different microgames like KitPvP, TNT Run, Dodgeball, Duels, and many more!

Alien Blast is a PvE wave defense game that can be played either solo or with other players. The goal is for players to upgrade weapons, unlock perks, and survive as many waves as possible.