Galaxite features four fun and interactive minigames that you can enjoy playing solo or with friends! Check out details of each game below.

Prop Hunt

Prop Hunt is an advanced version of hide-and-seek. Each game, eight hiders are put into a map and given a brief amount of time to hide. They can turn into almost any of the items around them. Once they have found a sneaky place, players can secure their position by not moving for three seconds and will appear as a regular item to the seekers. While hidden, hiders can taunt the seekers for additional points, which comes with a risk of giving away the hiding spot, so use them wisely!
There are two seekers who hunt the hiders. Once a seeker has successfully spotted and eliminated a hider, the hider becomes a seeker. Around the map, power-up blocks will spawn. Each set off a variety of effects that give advantage to the player. Examples include a hider obtaining quick-step or a seeker giving blindness to hiders. Seekers will win the game if all the hiders are found, but if not, the hiders will claim victory. Over 75 unique models are featured in the game to keep it fresh and fun for all players!

Fill the Gaps

Fill the Gaps, or FTG for short, is a building-based minigame that has players competing against the clock and each other! At the beginning of each round, a build spawns at the center of the map.  Players are allowed a short amount of time to examine and study the build before it disappears. Players are sent back to their plots, and the same build spawns in front of them, only with a variety of blocks missing. The players must fill those missing blocks before time runs outs. A percentage is displayed to show how much of the build is complete. There are two rounds for each game of FTG. The faster the build is completed, the higher chance you have at winning!
There's also Doubles and Quads versions of FTG where players are in teams of two, three, or four! Join a party to play with a friend!

Core Wars

Core Wars (formerly known as Planets) is Galaxite's very own version of Bedwars, but with some unique additions. Eight players are individually put onto their own island with a core. It is the player's job to protect their core and eliminate other player's cores. Going inwards towards the center will be smaller islands that the players can build to, and the center contains the largest part of the map.
Four different kinds of in-game currency can be used in the two shops located on every player island. The first form is iron ingots, which come from the drill on the player's island and can be upgraded with the other two currency stages. The second form of currency is diamonds, which are located on the second-inner level of the map. The third currency is emeralds, which can be found at the center of the map. The fourth form is Core Pieces, which you get by damaging another player's core or eliminating another person in the game. These currencies will allow the player to buy blocks, buffs, and abilities within the game.
Player's will need these currencies to get weapons and tools to destroy other player's cores. If a player dies, they will respawn on their island as long as their core is still alive. Every time they die, the player's core is damaged, and they lose one health bar. If someone if getting spawn-killed, they will enter Annihilation mode, which will allow them to defeat the spawn-camper and continue with the fun of the game. Destroying other players' cores will grant you core pieces and heal your core by two health bars. The last player standing wins!

Doubles and Quads versions of Core Wars where players are in teams of two, three, or four! Join a party to play with a friend!


Before the game starts, choose from a multitude of perks to match your play-style! 32 players spawn in a 1000x1000 circular map. As time goes on, the “Corruption” will come inward and injure you. The longer the game goes, the less area you have to safely wander the map.
The goal is simple, be the last player alive!

Each player gets a map which will show you where you’re going, where the Time Leader is, and where Time Warps happen.

There are six different tiers of loot within the shulker boxes, labelled by color. Hundreds of them spawn around the map to give every player an equal chance to gain gear and items.
Various things like blocks, bows, arrows, swords, and snowballs will spawn in the shulker boxes. A few special items will also spawn in them: Time Capsules, Time Warps, and Vault Keys.

• Time Capsules allow you to add time to yourself just by clicking the item with it in your hand.
• Vault Keys open up a vault with a mythic chest in it. The vault will be marked on your map if you have a key in your inventory.
• Place a Time Warp on the ground and wait 30 seconds before a chest spawns at that location. But beware! The location is visible to all players once you place the Time Warp down.

You can stop at Jam’s Time Shop, located at various places around the map. You can buy and sell things using your time as currency.
Stop at an upgrade station to combine duplicate items and upgrade their efficiency! They vary in form such as a ranged, armor, and weapon upgrade stations, just make sure you have two of the same item and rarity to upgrade them!

To gain more time, kill other players around the map. But be careful! If you get killed, you’ll lose time. The further into the game, the higher the stakes when losing time. You can also get time by using Time Capsules.
The player with the most time is called the Time Leader, the Time Leader is displayed on the map for everyone to see.
Once you lose all your time, you’ll no longer respawn. The last player remaining wins!

A Doubles version of Chronos where players are in teams of two is available to play! Join a party to play with a friend!

Hyper Racers

See who's the fastest in this unique racing game! Collect power-ups and use abilities against your opponents as you race through one of our many themed maps. Keep an eye out for scraps scattered throughout the track, you can grab those to upgrade your kart. Be the first across the finish line to claim your victory!

Battlemode: This is a special game mode where, instead of racing, players drive around a map to collect power-ups and hit other players! The person with the most hits wins!