This page documents the most common rules all players must follow on Galaxite.

Our staff team reserves the right to judge each case individually at their discretion. This list is meant to act as a basis for our rules, and not a complete list.

No client modifications that give you a benefit are allowed to be used on Galaxite at any time. This will result in a permanent ban.

Chat Rules

Being respectful to others is important to our community. This means:

  • No swearing or arguing
  • No prejudices of any kind
  • No spamming or advertising
  • No unnecessary use of uppercase
  • No trolling or misleading others
  • No inappropriate builds
  • No sharing information about yourself or others
  • Attempting to cheat the chat filter will lead to a mute

Gameplay Rules

Every player should play fairly and not hinder the ability for others to have fun. Any of the following are punishable offenses:

  • Any kind of glitch abuse
  • Wearing an inappropriate or invisible skin
  • Inappropriate builds
  • Teaming with those who are not on your team or purposely hindering your team
  • Knowingly team or party with a player using forbidden client modifications
  • Auto-clicking or any variation of it
  • Modifying your mouse's settings to give yourself a higher click-rate
  • Intentionally AFK in order to gain points
  • Queueing and stat boosting and/or abusing alt accounts
  • Giving yourself an unfair advantage by using tools and tricks that would otherwise not be typical for every player in the game
  • Intentionally target specific players, over multiple games
  • We reserve the right to handle alt accounts in any way we see fit.

If a ban is not given, we will clear the stats of any player who is caught stat-boosting or getting stats in an illegitimate way.

You are responsible for everything that happens on your account.