Photography Competition!

10 different categories, 10 chances to win!


• Best Party Picture - A picture with friends (3+ people)
• Funniest Picture - A funny picture (appropriate)
• Best Selfie - A picture of yourself in-game
• Best Picture With a Helper - A picture with a Server Helper
• Best Scenic Picture - A picture of scenery found in the game
• Best Playground Picture - A picture taken in the Playground
• Best Chronos Picture - A picture taken in Chronos
• Best Core Wars Picture - A picture taken in Core Wars
• Best Parkour Builders Picture - A picture taken in a Parkour Builder’s Map
• Best Hyper Racers Picture - A picture taken in Hyper Racers


• You may submit up to 3 images per category in as many categories as you’d like. If you submit more than three, only the first three will be counted.
• A player cannot win more than 3 of the categories to give opportunity for other players to win.
• All images must be appropriate and respectful. Anything that isn't will be disqualified.
• All pictures must be taken by you. Anything stolen from another source will be disqualified and you could be banned.
• You may use any resource or shader pack you'd like, as long as it's appropriate!
• Any category you do not want to enter can be skipped.
Submissions for this contest end on Friday, March 10th. Be sure to have your submissions entered before then! The winners will be announced the following week.
If you have any questions not covered in the website information, please create a ticket on our Discord server.


• 30 days ELITE, per category! (90 days max)
• One pet of the player's choice!
• Exclusive Legendary “Photographer” title!
• Your winning image shared on our social media sites, website, and Discord server


• Images should be high quality and easily viewable.
• A lower FOV allows for a more focused picture.
• Make sure they are uploaded to a reliable site that doesn't affect the quality or size of the image. (Imgur, for example.)
• Pick images that you believe most people can relate to or enjoy looking at. Be creative! We're looking for interesting, original, and fun pictures!

To Enter

Fill out the form below, and make sure to follow the instructions carefully! Please upload your photos to a reliable website and paste the link into the appropriate category.

Submissions are now closed!


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