Pre-Season Release, Update 3

🗨️ Orbi’s News
Happy new year! Wow, 2022 was a busy year. We played new games, found some pets to adopt, and so much more! We’re going to continue that fun into 2023. Hope you all had a great holiday!

🌐 Global
Overall, we’re focusing on making the queueing experience smoother for all players!
• When entering a queue, a rough estimate is now given to the player of how long the queue may take.
• Your pet will now speed up when it’s far away from you in an attempt to catch up with you before they teleport.

☃️ Frost Fight
• You can now choose your team in Frost Fight private games
• A tournament has been announced for later this month! See our website for more details

⭐ New ELITE Items
Listed here


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