Season 4 Launch!

🌐 Global
• Added new game: ⚔️ Rush! We're launching our newest game with four maps: Crater, Beach, Old West and Suburbs!
• Entirely new hub! Enjoy the summer in this tropical vacation island, explore the hub to beat the new parkour courses and find all 20 crabs to obtain a free core!
• Private games are now available for Ultra members! Check it out in the Extra Things menu!
• XP in all games is now much more balanced. Base XP given is now based on the amount of time the game takes
• Gravestones can now be removed by punching them
• Added /newgame command to allow players to quickly join a new game without having to use the Extra Things menu.
• Added new exciting UI elements to many different places!
• Added toggles in the Extra Things menu to allow players to toggle which notifications and settings they would like.
• Added new descriptions for each of the games
• Added new icons for players not using a server Avatar
• Fixed bug with XP bar causing the animation to display poorly
• Fixed private games spectators moving to the new game without being invited

🕗 Chronos: Battle Royale
Perk Changes:
Added 5 new Perks!
• Revenger -> Become stronger in combat temporarily after respawning
• Avenger -> Become stronger in combat temporarily when a teammate is killed
• Gravity Spheres -> Snowballs launch players towards you instead of away
• Contract of Rewarding -> Bounty completion rewards the player with a random item
• Soul Collector -> Killing players grant souls which increase the damage resistance of the player
• Sonic Snowball Buff -> No longer launches back players you directly hit when close range to them
• Builder Buff -> Builders now give the player double the amount of blocks in loot boxes
• Falcon Buff -> Falcon players now start with 3 "Falcon Launch" feathers which allow them to deploy their glider where ever they are
• Scout Buff -> Returned scout to receive 1 half heart extra damage instead of deal 1 half heart less
• Glass Cannon Buff -> Glass Cannon changed to cause the player to deal 2 hearts extra damage with every hit and to receive 2 hearts extra damage from every hit
• Hunker Down Change -> Hunker Down only reduces damage dealt while sneaking, but instead reduces damage by a full heart
• Vampire Fix -> Vampire was giving the opposite timing for solo and team modes, these have been switched around to be correct
• Heavy Duty Nerf -> No longer reduces knockback from melee hits. Heavy Duty users can also no longer deal projectile knockback
• Airstrike Nerf -> Airstrike now only deals an instant kill on the first show fired from the bow in the air

• Added new fog to make corruption even more dangerous to stay in
• All bounty perks now reward timeshards on kill, this makes "Feedback Loop" great for getting lots of timeshards
• Killing players by launching them to death with sonic snowballs now correctly give kill rewards
• Time Warps can no longer be placed on unstable glass
• Players can now break leaves to help decrease camping on trees
• Armour is now displayed nicely instead of being displayed using the action bar
• Fixed death lang for corruption to be the correct way around showing the corruption killed the player
• Fixed bug where more than 2 players could be on a team at the end game podium
• Fixed misc crashes
• Updated lobby

🪐 Core Wars
• Shop Changes:
- Tracking Compasses now cost 1 emerald
- Iron Swords now cost 6 diamonds
- Arrows now cost 4 diamonds for 4 arrows
- Shears now cost 10 iron
- Ender Pearls now cost 3 emeralds each
• New Perk Rotation:
- Sword upgrade | 12 Core Pieces
- Core Overdrive | 10 Core Pieces
- Quick Step | 8 Core Pieces
- Thorns | 12 Core Pieces
• Cap of diamond drills is now 16
• Cap of emerald drills is now 3 in Solo, Duo and 5 for Quads
• Changed to 5 maps to choose from when voting
• Shops now spawn at every island
• Sonic Snowballs now give proper kill rewards when launching someone off the edge
• Players can now put out fires
• Added a different sound for when a core is healed vs when a core is damaged
• Added a sound for when you hit a player which is invincible
• You can no longer open the drill upgrade menu with your sword out
• Respawn button now properly only displays during the game
• Gravestones now spawn on every death
• Armour is now displayed nicely instead of being displayed using the action bar
• Fixed cutscene sometimes spawning players in the air
• Fixed showing the kill feed for spectators
• Fixed but which cause the player team icon to disappear when not
• Fixed misc crashes

🏗️ Fill The Gaps
• Added new map: Highlands! Along with 35 unique builds!

🛒 Shop Changes
This weeks shop changes:
✅ Added
[Legendary] MVP Title
[Epic] Gamer [Red] Avatar
[Epic] Fabric Bunny Avatar
[Rare] Bunny Avatar
[Legendary] Angelic Warrior Avatar

❎ Removed
[Legendary] Bee Keeper Avatar
[Epic] Gamer [Green] Avatar
[Rare] Fox Tail Avatar
[Legendary] Cyborg McQuack Avatar
[Epic] Puppy Boy Evo-Avatar


I’m the Community Manager for Galaxite! I’ve been a fan of Minecraft since 2012 and working in the industry since 2014. My job is to create fun experiences and offer server support for players.