Update 12, Season 4!

🗨️ Orbi’s News
The pumpkins have been whispering about a new gamemode that’s been discovered for Chronos! They’re hoping Blockbeard will get distracted watching the players so he doesn’t keep smashing them, still searching for more pumpkin spice lattes.

🌐 Global
• We’ve removed support for 1.16 clients
• Fixed a bug where sometimes blocks would not be placed
• Fixed the black boxes on some level-up animations. We’re aware of a few more bugs with this, the devs are working on fixing them all!

🕗 Chronos: Battle Royale
• New LTM: Mega! A 16 vs 16 battle mode.

🛒 Shop Changes
This weeks shop changes:
✅ Added
[Rare] Sticky Note Avatar
[Epic] Rainbow Cloud Avatar
[Legendary] Bee Keeper Avatar
[Rare] Snow Fox Tail Avatar
[Epic] Gamer Red Avatar
[Rare] Pink Unicorn Avatar


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