Update 12, Season 5!

🗨️ Orbi’s News
A unique event has happened on Tuesday this week! I noticed Two Peas In A Pod appear in the lobby, along with a few other items I’ve never seen before! What a strange thing!

🌐 Global
• We have a small update for you today, the devs are hard at work on secret projects! You’ll see more soon 👀
• Fixed vehicle rotation reset
• Our Twosday event is still live until next Tuesday!

🛋️ Prop Hunt
• Fixed invincible props

😍 Brand New Items in the Shop!
• Taila Tingles Avatar
• Tortoisie Evo-Core

New Ultra Items!
• Ultra Tiger Tail
• Ultra Rainbow Angel


I’m the Community Manager for Galaxite! I’ve been a fan of Minecraft since 2012 and working in the industry since 2014. My job is to create fun experiences and offer server support for players.