Update 18, Season 8!

🤓 Dev News
Happy Halloween! 🎃 We have some spooky updates for you! The second chapter of the Entity has been released. Can you escape the forest?
We’ve also brought back the game podiums. Let us know what you think of this change in our channels!

🌐 Global
• We now only support versions 1.20.30 and later
• The hub has been decorated for today's occasion! You will find pumpkins all around to find and smash. Will you reign supreme on the smashing leaderboard?
• Alongside the hub's glow-up, you might notice the departure of the Game Menu, and the return of the classic game podiums. Queues are here to stay, however, and they work as follows:
⁃ Quick Play: Casual, PvP or All Games. These are our fastest queues to get you right into the action.
⁃ Single Queues: We've introduced a new way to queue for a single game as fast as possible. Just simply choose which game you want and queue up!
⁃ Queue Playlists: You can now create your own Queue Playlists! Make custom playlists which allow you to queue up for any selection of games you like!
⁃ Our non-queueable games now have their own dedicated podiums for quick access!
Our experiments with the Game Menu (or Queue Board) didn't quite hit the mark. It was something new, and it ended up unintentionally confusing some of our newer players. We've taken this lesson to heart and are always happy to hear your feedback. We'll never stop trying to come up with cool stuff for our players!

👻 The Entity
• We’ve released the first DLC for The Entity, "Chapter 2: The Forest"! Can you escape this otherworldly forest and the clutches of the monsters within? Purchasing this DLC allows you to play with your friends (up to four people), plus some other extra treats 🍬

🕗 Chronos: Battle Royale
• Airstrike perk now explodes on the user if they miss the shot

🎊 Playground
• Demolitionist kit now spawns with 1 TNT and is given extra upon kill


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