Update 2, Season 3

🌐 Global
New Limited Time Mode for Chronos will be released next weekend for Chronos Solos 19th-22nd. Come check it out that weekend!

🏎️ Hyper Racers
β€’ New Map! Golden Plaza
β€’ Sunset Zocalo name changed to Sunset Temple
β€’ Added best race time stat to all maps. From now on, your best time will be saved as a stat
β€’ Added world record and personal best messages
β€’ Added 4 new engines in a new category
- New category: Utility
- New engine: Trapper
- New engine: Collector
- New engine: Vampire
- New engine: Booster
β€’ Added 2 new power ups
- New power up: Bulldozer
- New power up: Ice Slider
β€’ Buffed traps to stay around for a longer time
β€’ The amount of top speed Β per bar has been lowered in engine upgrades. This means that each top speed bar adds and removes less top speed than before -> Handling engines will be not as slow, Top Speed engines will be not as fast
β€’ Changed weighting of some power ups to offer a wider range to all player positions
β€’ Overclock now correctly shows the amount of time it is to be active dynamically based on the player's position
β€’ Fixed hitbox of some items and scrap to properly be triggered when the player touches them
β€’ Fixed karts not being removed when a player leaves early
β€’ Added engine equipped message to let the player know the current engine they have equipped

πŸ•— Chronos: Battle Royale
β€’ A time warp now appears at the start of every game at a random position on the map, allowing players to fight over getting strong loot immediately
β€’ Changed how the upgrade token is used -> Use the upgrade token on an upgrade station and you can decide which item you wish to upgrade

πŸͺ Core Wars
No updates this week!

πŸ—οΈ Fill The Gaps
No updates this week!

πŸ›‹οΈ Prop Hunt
No updates this week!

πŸ›’ Shop Changes
This weeks shop changes:
βœ… Added
[Epic] GG Title
[Legendary] Red Ship Core
[Legendary] Angelic Warrior Avatar
[Epic] Puppy Girl Evo-Avatar

πŸ•— Chronos Shop
βœ… Added
[Epic] Lime Strider Dropship

🏎️ Hyper Racers Shop
βœ… Added
Nothing new this week!

❎ Removed
[Legendary] MVP Title
[Epic] Futuristic Gravestone
[Epic] Rainbow Cloud Avatar
[Rare] Golden Retriever Avatar
[Rare] Orange Starship Dropship


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