Update 24, Season 8

🗨️ Orbi’s News
Great news, Professor Chipstick has discovered a way for people to harvest Amethyst ore without destroying it! Melvin’s so excited, he’s already started exploring to see if he can find other ores. Meanwhile, I’m playing with this cute duck that just came through the portal!

🌐 Global
• The Minecoins button is now always clickable in the Gems shop UI

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Main Hub
• The snow is melting away and spring is approaching
• Floaties have returned!
• New "Lava Lair" parkour behind the Sam & Danni statue

🏎️ Hyper Racers
• The Alien Blast kart now displays properly

⛏️ Melvin's Mine
• Amethyst crystals can now be harvested from the second layer of the mine
• You can now mine through players while holding a pickaxe.
• You can now deposit ores to Melvin whilst you’re in the process of unlocking the next layer
• Music will now be played every so often whilst you are inside the mine
• A sound is no longer played when you join the server and have unmined ores in the mine
• New players no longer need to speak to Melvin before receiving a pickaxe
• Upgrading a pickaxe now immediately updates in your inventory
• Coal prices have been increased to allow new players to immediately get a stone pickaxe
• Ores will now respawn without players needing to reconnect to the hub
• Pickaxes will no longer lose durability if players try breaking blocks that are not ores
• Redstone Dust can no longer be placed in the mines
• Changing your tag in the mine will no longer stop you from mining
• Switching between different levels will no longer stop you from mining
• Players will no longer see ores that are not their own
• Mining ores the moment your queue pops will no longer cause you to get stuck in the void
• Melvin no longer takes more ores than needed when unlocking a new layer
• Ores will no longer randomly be removed from your inventory
• Fixed a bug that caused ores not to be added to your inventory until you re-entered the mine
More of the upvoted ideas from the commuity vote will be added in the future!

🕗 Chronos: Battle Royale
• Changed arrows to no longer break blocks since the corruption breaking is doing a good job at preventing skybase exploits.

😍 New Shop Items!
Rare Mallard Duck Pet 🦆


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