Update 8, Season 6!

🗨️ Chipstick’s News
Gems, gems, gems galore! I've been using these gems to power the server, while Jam is busy polishing the games and fixing a few minor issues. 🔧 Hopefully we hear from Orbi soon! We can't wait to show them our new inventions!

🌐 Global
• TNT Tag & Tennis is no longer missing from the "My Progress" menu
• The "My Progress" menu design is now consistent with the game selector
• Creating private games has been moved to the game selector, and is now available in playground and parkour builders
• The "My Things" NPC in-game lobbies has been renamed accordingly to match the name of the game
• The party menu now shows the member list correctly
• Private games can now only be joined from the game selector menu
• Gift tokens can now only be redeemed in the gifting menu
• More text has been made easier to read in multiple menus
• /queue (/q) and /requeue (/rq) have been added to queue in to games more easily

⚔️ Rush
• The correct icon now shows when a player dies in the corruption

🏎️ Hyper Racers
• The volume button now only shows in the Extra Things menu
• “Free-For-All” is no longer shown in the voting menu for Battle mode
• The lobby now contains the leaderboard text

🪐 Core Wars
• Tracking compass now shows the correct description
• Planets Lover achievement was renamed to Core Wars Lover
• The Gravestone button in the game vanity menu now functions properly

🛋️ Prop Hunt
• Weekly leaderboards have been raised to match other game lobbies

🦘 Parkour Builders
• The portal mechanic placer now has a proper name
• You can now only report players in the same parkour as you

(Thank you Davin for reporting many of these!)

⭐ New Ultra Items
• Ultra Lantern Core 🏮
• Ultra Gran's Cookies Kill Bits 🍪

Which one will you choose?


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