🗨️ Orbi’s News
Some new worlds have opened up in the world! I’ve explored a Circus and a place with lots of mushrooms!

🌐 Global
• Fixed various party chat issues
• 한국어 번역 추가! / Korean Translation added! Thank you to Lavie’s friend!
• Nederlandse vertalingen geüpdate! / Dutch translation updated! Thank you Anne!

🪐 Core Wars
• New map: Mushroom Kingdom! 🍄
• New perk rotation:
+ Tool Kit - 6 Core Pieces
+ Knockback Reduction - 10 Core Pieces
+ Core Overdrive - 10 Core Pieces
+ Increased Knockback - 12 Core Pieces

🛋️ Prop Hunt
• The Haunted House map was temporarily removed due to a game-breaking bug, it will return soon. 🎃
• Fix being able to hit and kill powerup cubes and taunts
• Made countertops in Sphinx Ship's cafeteria accessible and fixed lighting glitch with props in that area.
• New map from the last community competition: Circus! 🎪

🛒 Shop Changes
✅ This weeks shop changes:
[Epic] Gamer [Red] Avatar
[Epic] Butterfly Girl [Blue] Avatar
[Rare] Pet Golden Retriever Avatar
[Rare] Snow Fox Tail Avatar
[Rare] Red Panda Tail Avatar
[Legendary] MVP Title