Decorate your desktop with these colorful renders from our game, Chronos! There are many different images to choose from, and we have some mobile versions as well.

To view all of the wallpapers in one folder, click here. To download a wallpaper individually, click the link below to the specified wallpaper of your choosing!

Desktop Wallpapers
Asian (1920x1080)
Aztec (1920x1080)
Castle (1920x1080)
Cove1 (1920x1080)
Cove2 (1920x1080)
Gears (1920x1080)
Lighthouse (1920x1080)
Roma (1920x1080)
Viking (1920x1080)
Asian Corruption (1920x1080)
Castle Corruption (1920x1080)

Mobile Wallpapers
Asian Mobile (610x1080)
Castle Corruption Mobile (610x1080)
Gears Mobile (610x1080)
Lighthouse Mobile (610x1080)
Roma Mobile (610x1080)
Swamp Mobile (610x1080)
Viking Mobile (610x1080)