💬 Orbi’s News
Oh my! I just came back from a trip to a horrifying world. Stay safe, people of Clockwork City, and enjoy the spooky month! 💀

🌐 Global
•  The currency count can now be hidden with the “Hide Currency Count” toggle in Extra things
•  The currency count now shows in all lobbies before a game starts 💎
•  Ores should no longer be missing from the mine ⛏️
•  Your most recent pet will now automatically come out in lobbies 🎊
•  You can now set the status of your pet 🎉
•  You can despawn a pet in the pets menu 🦴

Private games are temporarily unavailable while we work on some behind the scenes changes to improve how they work, you'll start to see some benefits from this work in the near future. We hope to have these improvements out within the next week.