Chronos Build Contest

Hello everyone! Do you main our game Chronos? Have you ever wanted to edit the map? Now’s your chance! We’re excited to announce our Chronos Build Contest!

Three different sections of our well-known Chronos map will be editable by YOU! You can submit your new section(s) to our competition for a chance to see your changes put onto the live map! You may submit your changes to all three sections if you wish!

The three editable sections are:
• The Lighthouse
• Port
• Rome

Each map must have:

• Overworld Section
• Corrupt Section
Edit the section of the Chronos map of your choosing! You may choose to edit all three sections if you want to! Feel free to get as creative and fun as you’d like. Remember to edit both the overworld and corrupt parts of the sections.


• Both the overworld and corrupt parts of the section must be completed!
• You may not increase the size of the template, but you can add height variations to them in a reasonable amount (for example, making a 10 block deep hole, or making the terrain a bit higher, or building a tall structure.) Each template is given ample "flat" space for you to work with for blending your new biome or expanding your town or location's boundary.
• Place Shulker boxes according to the rarity you want (Orange: Legendary, Purple: Epic, Blue: Rare, Green: Uncommon, White: Common) to represent loot.
• Use a 3x3 pattern of Netherite with a beacon in the middle embedded in the ground, to mark where you want respawn locations to be.
• You may implement a vault in your location using a 3x3 wall of Netherite to block off the entrance. Make sure the inside is decorated and inaccessible by any other means.
• Use signs to specify shop locations, and use smithing tables, anvils and fletching table to point out where armor upgrade stations, melee upgrade stations, and ranged upgrade station respectively.
• You may not use 'working' blocks as decoration; shulker boxes, smithing tables, anvils, or fletching tables. Please only use these blocks for their purpose in the game!
• Include screenshots from each area you chose to work on for both the corrupt and overworld versions.

Contest Info:

• You may submit all 3 sections, however you can only win one section! Submitting all three will increase your chances of winning.
• You may work in groups of up to five people.
• The map(s) should be built by you/your team. If someone submits a map built by someone else or stolen from somewhere, they'll be banned
• You can build in Java or Bedrock; templates are included for both
• Up to 3 winners will be selected, one for each section! Winner(s) could possibly be asked to make minor edits to their map.
All submissions must be entered before June 20th!

Tips & Tricks:

• Think about gameplay over aesthetics! Beautiful maps are cool, but if the gameplay is unsatisfying, then there is no point.
• Make sure the loot boxes (Shulkers) you place are inside buildings among other areas that a player would expect to see a loot box in.
• Search the internet for references and ideas that help you decide on a theme.
• The themes that you choose need to be unique from the current areas of the live map.
• We recommend you have a basic knowledge of Chronos by playing it a few times if you aren't already familiar. If you wish to participate in this contest but have never played, we recommend teaming up with someone who has played!

How to import and export Minecraft Worlds:
We've provided a rough-guide to import and export maps for both versions of Minecraft, but if you need more help, we suggest you look up a YouTube tutorial to give you a visual of how to do it.
Java: Go to your ".minecraft" folder on your computer and go to the Saves folder. You can add the template by dragging the Java Zip file into that folder and unzipping it. To export the completed map, select the same world and zip it. Then upload it a file-sharing site and send it to us! Make sure to have sharing settings configured so we can view your build(s).
Bedrock: To open the template, simply double-click Bedrock file and it will import the template into your game. You can then join it from your worlds! Once it's finished, from the "worlds" menu, click the edit/pencil-button and scroll all the way to the bottom of Game Settings. Click the button "Export World" and save it. Then upload it a file-sharing site and send it to us! Make sure to have sharing settings configured so we can view your build(s).


The three winning people/teams, one for each section, will see their changes added in-game! They'll also be given the Season 6 Battlepass, 1 month Ultra, and a dropship of their choice from the store!
Winners will be announced one week after submissions close!

If you have any questions about this contest, please join our Discord and contact us through the #👷chronos-build-contest channel or create a ticket!

Click here to download the templates!

Submissions are now closed! Keep an eye out for the winners!


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