🗨️ Chipstick’s News
A strange traveler has come to visit us, bringing along a new Core Wars gamemode! We're also working on engineering Tennis into the Playground! I'm still waiting on that rematch from Blockbeard.

🪐 Core Wars
NEW LTM: Combat Test! We’re trying out some new combat in this LTM! Play it for 30% extra XP. There’s a poll in the LTM lobby where you can give us feedback! Look for the Traveler. Main features of the LTM:
• More horizontal, less vertical knockback
• Critical strike on hits while you’re falling

🎊 Playground
• Fill The Gaps and Prop Hunt are now shown inside the Playground game selector when opened from the podium
• Tennis being added to the Playground very soon!

😍 New Shop Items!
• New Power Voting available in map voting lobbies, purchasable with Minecoins! This feature allows you to force your vote over the others in the lobby!