Pre-Season 6

🗨️ Chipstick’s News
Hey there! We haven’t seen Orbi around in a while, have you seen them? Anyway, keep an eye on those numbers and let me know when they start to make sense. I'll need some time to fix this portal machine and get us out of this place, and I have to figure out the formula before that timer runs out!

🌐 Global
• The Season 5 Battlepass has been removed! A new mysterious "Battlepass ??" has been added to everyone for free!
• 5x experience is going on NOW!
• Both the "Battlepass ??" and 5x experience will be active until the launch of Season 6!
• New hub, it seems we’re in “Limbo”! Can you spot all the different parts of the past seasons?
• Taunts can now be equipped in games to show off on the podiums

🏗️ Fill The Gaps
• Games load properly again!

😍 New Shop Items!
XP Boosts

⭐ New Ultra Items
• Ultra Summer Girl Avatar
• Ultra X Cards Kill Bits

*This is a pre-season update and temporary state before the official launch of Season 6, enjoy the perks! 🎉


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