Update 15, Season 5!

🗨️ Gwynn’s News
Orbi is busy preparing for the new season approaching, so I’m taking over this week! New Helpers have joined us and we’re so glad to have such excellent support from the community 💜 All Staff have been working hard preparing for Season 6! What are you most hoping to see on Galaxite next season?

🌐 Global
We have some new items in the shop this week! Check them out :D

🎊 Playground
Our AFK timer has been added to microgames.

😍 New Shop Items!
• Duck Rave Kill Bits
• Galapa Josh Avatar
• More Friend Slots
• Battlepass Levels


I’m the Community Manager for Galaxite! I’ve been a fan of Minecraft since 2012 and working in the industry since 2014. My job is to create fun experiences and offer server support for players.