Pre-Season Release, Update 4

🗨️ Gwynn’s News
With the recent change to our suggestions channel, we've been getting a ton of insightful thoughts from the players! Chronos has received a lot of love in the past week, we've been implementing your suggestions into the game. An update to the hub will be coming soon in an effort to make it more interesting for everyone. We greatly appreciate your feedback! Redeem 250 gems with the code THANKYOU in-game as a token of our appreciation 💜

🌐 Global
• Chronos and MainHub have a new trial movement system to try be smoother
• Spectating Frost Fight games now shows the UI correctly

Private Games Update!
• Private Games no longer break when someone joins during the start countdown
• Private Game Settings have been added to Chronos!
- 12 Settings have been added: From settings such as ‘Single Life’ to changing every loot box into a corruption bandit!

☃️ Frost Fight
Added a game setting to Frost Fight private games to allow players to force which gamemode is played

🕗 Chronos: Battle Royale
• Corruption bandits now deal 1 heart less damage
• Added fragile to a bunch of items:
- Box Upgrade Tokens
- Life Tokens
- Feather Jumps
- Flame Sticks
- Smoke Bombs
- TNT Bombs
• You can no longer sell items while in the corruption
• TNT Bombs now deal more damage and have 1.5 seconds of fuse time
• Invisible players no longer give off particles
• Fixed issues with multiple sources of invisibility cancelling each other out
• Fixed issues where Sparrow would sometimes cause players to get stuck in their glider
• Fixed bandit loot boxes sometimes spawning inside of various blocks
• Fixed skybases which can’t be destroyed when using builder perk
• Fixed skybases which touch the top of the map from being counted as supported by blocks
• Fixed bandits sometimes failing to find a path
Perk Tweaks
• Buff: Airstrike players are no longer instantly killed by other players shooting them while gliding. Explosion from arrow has been buffed in line with TNT Bombs
• Buff: Sonic snowball players now generate snowballs up to a stack, 1 every 10 seconds.
• Buff: Tank players now have 10 hearts but deal and take 1 heart less damage.
• Buff: Time hoarder players now lose 1.5x normal time loss on death instead of 2x.
• Buff: Weakening arrows weakness is now stronger with a T5 Bow, causing enemies to deal 1 heart less damage instead of 1 half heart.
• Buff: Poison arrows now last a second longer with every tier of bow.
• Buff: Sticky arrows apply slowness 5 instead of 4
• Buff: Gravity Spheres now give slowness 1 to players hit for 5 seconds
• Buff: Smoke Bomb invisibility has been buffed to 10 seconds and the player generates a smoke bomb in their inventory every 60 seconds if they do not have one.
• Buff: Vault raiders now roll vault loot 2 times giving 2 times the amount of loot from the box.
• Buff: Bow Start now starts with a stack of arrows
• Buff: Vampire has been given 2 seconds of extra absorption time
• Buff: Shielder shield tokens now stack but spawn in 25% of loot boxes instead
• Nerf: Armor Specialist armour can now only be sold for 25% of the usual selling price
• Nerf: Sparrow users can no longer use jump or launch pads.
• Nerf: Solid snowballs now only deal damage 75% of the time.
• Nerf: Hunker down can now only resist one hit every second but users of the perk now deal 1 half heart less damage while sneaking instead of a full heart

😍 New Shop Items!
• Rare Tedric The Knight Avatar
• Rare Pete The Scout Avatar
• Epic Weapons Gravestone

Which is your favourite?


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