Pre-Season Release, Update 5

🗨️ Gwynn’s News
Hey there! 👋 Orbi is away, busily preparing for the next season, so I'm covering for them. Chronos has been given more attention this week thanks to the suggestions given by our players! We've also released a new giveaways feature on Discord! What items would you like to see us giveaway? Let us know in our suggestions channel!

🌐 Global
• Main Hub should stutter less with lag than before. More optimizations coming soon.
• Voiding when joining games, including private games, should be significantly less.
• Helpers will no longer be small (until next holiday season!)

🕗 Chronos: Battle Royale
Perk Changes
• Buff: Assassin invisibility has been increased to 10 seconds
• Buff: Sniper now deals an extra half heart of damage per 5m instead of 10m
• Buff: Armour Specialist now gives armour 100% of the time in Solo and 75% in Teams
• Buff: Airstrike no longer deals less damage if you hit the target directly
• Nerf: Airstrike users who shoot their rocket arrow but don't deal damage to anyone now suffer weakness for 3 seconds upon landing
• Change: Tank now takes 1 less heart of damage for the first 2 seconds in combat and 1 half heart less for the next 5. Tank players always deal 1 half heart less damage.
Game Changes
• Generating perks no longer generate items while the player has enough in their inventory
• Smoke Bomb items now give invisibility for 5 seconds instead of 10
• Explosions now deal half damage when hitting a player behind a wall
• Explosions now deal damage to bandits
• Fixed 2nd place getting rewards twice

☃️ Frost Fight
• When the Frost Fight VIP hits another player, it counts as two points instead of one!

🤖 Discord News
• Discord giveaways have been released! Check out our public chats for occasional giveaways!


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