Pre-Season Release, Update 7

🗨️ Gwynn’s News
Many have suspected it, now we’re confirming it! The Entity will stay permanently and is no longer classified as an LTM! 👻 🎉 Thank you to everyone who suggested it and showed your love for this gamemode!

🌐 Global
There's been a lot of backend work being done to improve connections for players and combat recent bugs created by the Minecraft update. Also some Season 8 preparations. 👀
• We’ve received reports of players seemingly being logged into the Galaxite Network under other usernames which are not their own. This issue was reported to the relevant parties involved in the authentication mechanism outside our control, and a fix for this issue has been rolled out. In the unlikely case that this issue still does exist and you’ve fallen victim to it, please be sure to report this to us through a Discord ticket so we can help you get it resolved!
• Optimizations to our net code
• Optimizations to floating text, should improve performance across the network
• "View Rewards" button has received a brand new glyph in the Battlepass menu
• Fixed certain skins displaying as Steve on the new beta version
• Fixed duplicate items showing in Gem Shop

👻 The Entity
Now a permanent game!

⭐ New shop items coming next week!

⭐ New ELITE Items
ELITE Earth Witch Avatar
ELITE Rainbow Parrot Dropship

Which one would you choose?


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