Pre-Season Release, Update 6

🗨️ Gwynn’s News
Wow, there have been a lot of bug fixes this week! The devs have been taking all of your Discord tickets and getting them checked off the list in preparation for Season 8!

🌐 Global
Game Menu Changes:
• Core Wars, Fill The Gaps and Rush now have a “Teams” option in the game settings menu
• The Chronos buttons no longer overlap when creating a private game

• A parkour coins reward was set up for completing the parkour in the Hub!
• Typo fixed in Private Games menu
• Fixed an incorrect translation in Parkour Lobby
• Multiple map fixes for various games, including missing blocks, random portals, and incorrect pre-game animations
• We have a new Brazilian translation for Galaxite, courtesy of yDominicx!
• Greek Translation Updated, thank you Ndaldal and MarD!
• Japanese Translation updated, thank you Bulud!

🕗 Chronos: Battle Royale
• Fixed ninja perk not always setting the player invisible upon landing
• Fixed explosions always counting as being behind a wall
• Fixed shopkeepers dying from explosions
• Nerf: Airstrike now always applies 2 seconds of weakness upon landing if the player fired their shot and 5 seconds if the shot did not hit any enemies.

☃️ Frost Fight
• Frost Fight has additional private game options - more options for other games are coming soon!

😍 New Shop Items!
Rare Gilded Gerald
Legendary Trevor the Turtle
Rare Crown Core

Which is your favorite?


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