Season 7 Launch!

🗨️ Gwynn’s News
Season 7 is finally here! As you can see, there’s no new game this season. Instead, we’re focusing on polishing our existing games! We’ll be upgrading and improving the gameplay experience for all of the games on our server! This update, we focused on Chronos and Fill The Gaps. You can look forward to updates on all other games throughout the upcoming weeks!

🗨️ Chipstick’s News
Some shifty new creatures have been seen coming out of the Corruption in Chronos! I’m studying these specimens while trying to keep them from taking over the map. Help me out and kill as many as you can!

🌐 Global
Chipstick and Jam have renovated a portion of Clockwork City into a mining site! Speak to Melvin in the mining site, in the east side of the city, for a free pickaxe. Collect ores in the mine and bring them back to Melvin! You can exchange them for Gem Dust, which can later be turned into Gems. Ores respawn after a time based on how rare they are, the mine is locked for you when all the ores have been mined. You can enter it again once they respawn.

🕗 Chronos: Battle Royale
• Some new foes and possible friends have showed up! Fight off the Corruption Bandits and choose from a group of new perks to assist you. Beware of the shifty witch of the Mushroom Forest!
• Added Corruption Bandits, who spawn in place of some loot boxes and will chase and fight you! Defeat them for a great share of loot.
• Three new areas were added to the map! Mystic Village, Elven Grove, who came from your submitted creations in our previous building competition! In addition, we’ve added the Mushroom Forest area, where you may find a shifty figure trading her concoctions for your time.
• The shifty witch can trade you a Mysterious Potion that gives a random potion effect for the duration of two minutes, at the price of 60 seconds of your time.
• You start with four free extra inventory spaces, and you can use up to ten inventory upgrades. As a result of this change, there will be a lower chance of finding rarer loot.
• Two new perks were added to the Offense, Defense, Utility and Team Categories. Also some older perks have changed!
-> Offense
• NEW Fireballs: Your snowballs set your enemies on fire.
• NEW Poison Arrows: Your arrows afflict poison on your enemies.
• Bow Start: Now starts with a Tier 3 bow
• Airstrike: Launches a missile arrow that explodes on impact!
• Daredevil: The downside lasts until you’re below 7 hearts.
• Assassin: Decreased weakness duration to half a second.
Sniper: More damage overall, and faster projectile speed.
-> Defense
• NEW Ancient: Lose less time on respawns.
• NEW Shielder: Ability to find shield tokens in loot boxes.
• Armor Specialist: Lowered the chance of receiving armor in loot boxes.
• Smoke Bomb: Decreased weakness duration to half a second.
Health Scavenger: Changed duration to a minute.
-> Utility
• NEW Dasher: Charge a dash by crouching!
• NEW Sparrow: You can activate your dropship at any time.
• Scout: Speed lowered to 1, and removed the damage debuff.
• Backpack: Increased extra space to 5 slots.
• Stealth Jet: Decreased weakness duration to half a second.
• Time Hoarder: Now lose 50% more time on deaths.
-> Team
• NEW Mayday: Get a speed boost when your allies are fighting.
• NEW Freezer: Freeze enemies while attacking them with your ally.

🏗️ Fill The Gaps
Our classic game has received a major overhaul! We expect games to be shorter and more action-packed, with rapid-fire building race against the other players.
• Games now consist of one round and one map!
• For the beginning of the game, you will receive a preview of all the builds that you will work on.
• You no longer need to fill every gap to get to the next build! The percentage of gaps you need to fill increases as you get through builds.
• Builds keep on coming until the duration of the game ends, will you be able to complete 10+ builds in a game?

😍 New Shop Items!
• We’ve decided to reinvent our Ultra rank! We’re now calling it the ELITE rank, which is a 90-day subscription rank which gives you all the perks you’re used to from Ultra! We’ve transferred everyone’s Ultra ownership into the new Elite subscription automatically. You’ll still get all the previous perks you’ve gotten and will still have all of the months you’ve purchased, but you’ll have a new prefix ‘ELITE’ and it’ll be gold!
• Our classic rank, Ultra, will still exist, but it’s gotten a whole new makeover! It will now be a lifetime rank (one-time purchase) and gives you extra perks in addition to what you can get with Elite!
• Stacking these two roles will grant you ultimate access to Galaxite and it’s features, including 75+ friend slots, 2x voting power, 12 player party size, 3% gems cashback on all your purchases, and much more!
• Please allow Discord some time to sync with our systems! You’ll see these changes reflect on Discord over the next day or so.

Ultra for Life Perks (One-Time Purchase)
• Ability to Spectate Friends
• +25 Friends Slots
• +4 people added to Party Size
• 20% XP Boost
• x2 Voting Power
• Ultra prefix in-game
• Gems purchase cashback +1%
• Discord Rank
• Access to Voice Channels on Discord

ELITE (90 Day Subscription Purchase)
• Ability to Spectate Friends
• +50 Friend Slots
• +4 people added to Party Size
• 20% XP Boost
• Private Games
• ELITE prefix in-game
• Gems purchase cashback +1%
• Redeem an exclusive Elite Item
• Private Games
• Discord Rank
• Access to Voice Channels


I’m the Community Manager for Galaxite! I’ve been a fan of Minecraft since 2012 and working in the industry since 2014. My job is to create fun experiences and offer server support for players.