Week 2, Season 7!

🗨️ Chipstick’s News
A miner named Melvin has been gathering ores out of the new mines that have appeared in Clockwork City. I’ve been experimenting with what these elements are capable of, so versatile! It’s much more peaceful work compared to the dangerous task of studying corruption bandits. I think I’ll let Jam handle that project on his own for now!

🌐 Global
• Players will no longer crash when interacting with a flower pot
• The Dutch, French, German, and Greek translations have all been updated
• Players will no longer hear random plop sounds when in all hubs
• Gem shop will no longer occasionally kick players from the server

🪐 Core Wars (MAJOR UPDATE)
• Perks now randomise every game, making each game more unique
• Emerald Drills have been replaced by Emerald Defenders, defeat them to earn Emeralds
• 2 New Shop Items:
 - Feather Jump: Launch through the sky when using this item
 - Thermite TNT: Throw a block-breaking TNT bomb
• New Map: Cloudy

🛋️ Prop Hunt (MAJOR UPDATE)
• All Power-Ups have been changed! They are now usable items so you can decide when to activate them!
• New Power-Ups:
 - Clue
 - Fakeout
 - Fake Power-Up
 - Fake Taunts
 - Freeze Slider
 - Gravity Spheres
 - Mayhem
 - Mine
 - Slowball
 - Smokebomb
 - Sonic Snowball
 - Speed Boost
 - TNT Bomb
• Hiders now have a knockback stick which they can use on Seekers or Props
 - When used on Seekers the knockback stick launches them away!
 - When used on Props the knockback stick causes a small nudge allowing Hiders to confuse the Seekers with Props out of place!
• More Power-Ups spawn around the map
• Seekers now always have nametag visible
• New Map: Furniture Shop

🏎️ Hyper Racers
• The coin item no longer shows the old scrap texture
• Fixed an issue that sometimes caused games to crash when Overclock was used
• Battle mode now tracks hits again

🕗 Chronos: Battle Royale
• Dasher perk no longer charges when a player dies
• Changed Dasher to be used on the release of sneaking instead of jump
• Made Dasher sound effects quieter
• Bandits now only spawn in single groups
• Nerfed Poison Arrows to last for a smaller amount of time
• Fixed Armour Specialist still removing armour when it doesn't trigger on a box

🦘 Parkour Builders
• Start flags no longer have a radius
• The parkour list menu now automatically reopens after renaming, cloning or deleting a parkour
• Start and end flags can no longer be duplicated
• Disconnecting from Parkour during publish will no longer lose your inventory
• You can now remove favorited parkours

😍 New Shop Items!
• ELITE Jumping Guy Kill Bits
• ELITE Spintop Kill Bits

New Kill Bits available for ELITE members!


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