This is our very first update for Season 2 and it’s jam-packed full of goodies for all of you!

🎃 Halloween Event
Watch out for a Halloween event coming soon! Happy Halloween, everyone!

🌐 Global
• Fixed forcing resource packs (sorry, our mistake!)
• A Halloweenified Hub!

🕗 Chronos
Developer Note - Chronos Week 1 has been a huge success! Thank you to everyone for all of your valuable feedback. This update focuses on a few perks which have been over and under performing. There is also a big change to how bows work to reduce the amount of "bow spam".
Team modes are coming very soon!

• 6 new perks have been added (2 for each category)

Balance Changes:
• Vampire no longer heals on kill but instead gives 6 hearts of absorption for 5 seconds. This allows vampire to be effective even when at full hp
• Medicine now takes slightly longer to start healing
• Glass Cannon has been changed. The user can now equip armour but only has 5 hearts of max hp
• Vault Key in shop has been made more expensive to add greater risk to buying one right at the start of the game
• Perk weaknesses and strengths are now calculated as true damage and so are unaffected by armour value.
• Mythic boxes have been slightly nerfed to be closer to legendary box loot

Bow Changes:
• Bow damage calculations have been changed from additive to multiplicative. This means that firing a bow at a lower power will be much less effective, but firing at high power will be more effective
• Bows now inflict less knockback, making it easier for melee combatants to be able to engage a bow user

Quality of Life Changes:
• Arrows can now be used in offhand slots
• During time freeze, players now regain 3 hearts of health from kill
• When selling items in the shop, the player now remains in the interface to sell multiple items easily
• When respawning, if there are no respawn points left, the player is respawned in the center area
• You can no longer hit yourself with arrows and snowballs

Bug Fixes:
• Fixed offhand items disappearing
• Fixed accidentally using armour while trying to upgrade it
• Fixed buying items while inventory is full
• Fixed buying or selling items while in spectator mode
• Fixed selling items from backpack slots
• Fixed some rare cases where players would sometimes be invisible
• Fixed some cases where the map would disappear
• Fixed plenty of crashes and bugged states

🪐 Planets
• New Map! "Halloween" for Solo & Doubles

🛋️ Prop Hunt
• New map! “Haunted Mansion”, revisiting the mansion from Sam & Danni Ep 3

🛒 New Shop Rotation
Epic: GG Title
Epic: Pokey Duck Taunt
Uncommon: Skull Core
Epic: Candle Gravestone
Epic: Ship Hat Avatar
Legendary: Angelic Warrior Avatar

Content Update 1 / Season 02 / Oct 29 2020