Update 14, Season 8!

🗨️ Gwynn’s News
We’re a little over one week into the early access release of My Farm Life, and it’s been a huge success! Our devs have been working tirelessly to fix the bugs you’ve all reported to us. This will continue to be the devs main focus so we can work towards stage 2!

🐄 My Farm Life
New Features:

  • Added My Farm Life option to the Favourite Game menu
  • Added 4 exclusive skins to My Farm Life Early Access Gift Marketplace product
    - Buffalo, Camel, Sheep, Unicorn
  • Playing My Farm Life now gives XP
  • Added indicators above NPCs which have quests
  • Cobblestone walls will now properly connect with each other when breaking and placing
  • Animals can no longer jump over walls
  • Increased frequency of large rocks and gold nuggets in their respective areas
  • Grass can now spread onto surrounding dirt
  • Made area upgrade price properly scale with the amount of chunks that you have (we will be tweaking numbers along the way so this will likely change again in the near future)
  • Added more limits to how many crops/trees/animals you can have per chunk and overall (as we tweak numbers these limits may change for balancing and a smoother gameplay experience)
  • Added respawn when a player falls into the boundary water in the Wilderness
  • Adjusted how animals search for troughs to eat to more easily find a trough right in front of them, even if there are a lot of inaccessible troughs within range
  • Adjusted apple trees to not grow so fast but also buffed the selling price for the apples grown
  • Adjusted animals to not need harvesting so often in a similar vein to the apple trees
  • Changed the sell price to match the buy price for most items so that accidentally buying too many which you cannot use does not punish you

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug where animals could follow you out of your farm
  • Fixed bug which allowed you to complete quests without finishing all of the tasks
  • Fixed inventory items sometimes not saving at all
  • Fixed inventory items sometimes not saving the correct stack size
  • Fixed several typos and grammar errors with NPCs
  • Fixed noticeable lag when multiple farms were loaded on the same server
  • Fixed not being able to leave a farm if you have invited someone to it and you are the only member
  • Fixed trees growing too close together sometimes
  • Fixed an out-of-bounds bug in the Ruins Parkour Puzzle
  • Fixed trees sometimes being stuck unable to produce any fruit
  • Fixed crops sometimes being stuck in a state where they are unable to grow but do not have any negative effects on them
  • Fixed Fertilizer being consumed when a tree can’t grow
  • Fixed Early Access Skin Pack and Gift purchases not rewarding the player with 1,000 Gems


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