Farm Decorating Contest!

We're hosting a farm decorating contest in the game My Farm Life! Decorate your farm and show us your style! Judges will visit your farm and check it out.

Rules & Guidelines

  • This contest is for decorating the outside of your farm, not the inside of your house.
  • Any vanilla blocks or mechanics available in the game can be used.
  • Up to two people can decorate a farm. The player's farm which is being decorated needs to be the one to enter their farming group into the contest.
  • All participants must be a member of our Discord server.
  • All builds must be appropriate and follow our rules.
  • Participants cannot have an active ban on the server or Discord during the time of the contest. If you get banned anytime before the winners are announced, you'll be disqualified.


One farm will be announced as the winner of this contest. Up to three honorable mentions will also receive prizes! (Up to two players can claim prizes for one farm.)

Top Prize
• 1000 gems
• 3 months ELITE
• Exclusive Legendary "Charming Farmer" title
• A My Farm Life Early Access gift code
• An existing furniture pack from the store
• 50 Fertilizer

Honorable Mention Rewards
• 500 gems
• 1 month ELITE
• A My Farm Life Early Access gift code
• 25 Fertilizer


  • Contest Announced: Mon, Oct 16
  • Decoration Time: Wed, Nov 1st
  • Winners Announced: Sometime during the week of Nov 6th-10th

How do I enter?

To enter, the farm owner of your group should create a ticket on our Discord server by running the command -farmcontest in any public channel. (Please only create one ticket!) This will open a staff-only ticket so that other contestants will not see your entry. Please tell us your Farm Name and the usernames of everyone in your decorating group.
You have until Wednesday, November 1st to submit your farm!


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