Update 16, Season 8!

🗨️ Gwynn’s News
There have been many My Farm Life updates over the past several weeks! We're hosting a Farm Decorating Contest, check out the details on this page!

🌐 Global
• Fix issue where Pet Ragdoll wouldn’t gift to the player properly. All affected players have also been given 20 Fertilizer.

⛏️ Melvin's Mine
• When the mine is empty, a timer will appear to show when the next ore will respawn

🐄 My Farm Life
Quest Overhaul! Bugfixes! Rebalancing prices and goals!

• Quests now have goals which no longer become irrelevant as the player progresses through the game.
• The Quest Log now contains a Track Quest button to change which quest is tracked.
• Quests now automatically track when joining the farm; accepting a new quest and completing a quest.
• The goal to reach Tier 3 has been updated to properly allow for growth within Tier 2.
• Crops no longer show as overgrown while fully grown.
• The Farm Menu is now the default Extra Things menu.

Bug Fixes
• Fixed several crops having an incorrect price due to a bug in the calculation.
• Fixed quests sometimes giving an incorrect amount of coins.
• Fixed issues where crops would never grow.
• Fixed issues where crops would grow instantly before snapping back to a previous state.
• Fixed issues where crops would sometimes reappear after being broken.
• Fixed issues where soil would remain dry sometimes after watering.
• Fixed quest button appearing when that NPC had no quest to give.
• Fixed several instances which could cause the server to stop responding.
• Fixed placing blocks accidentally against the border wall.


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