Update 21, Season 8!

🗨️ Callun’s News
I hope you all enjoy Alien Blast! We've really been pushing the limits of what's possible in Minecraft and worked super hard on this one. We’re looking forward to any suggestions and feedback you have in the suggestions forum. Don't worry Chronos players, the perk update is coming really soon!

🌐 Global
New Winterized Hub! This is a temporary hub that will last for us throughout the holidays. You can expect a few small changes to the hub over the next few days!

👽 Alien Blast

Check out our newest game, Alien Blast! This is a PvE wave defense game that you can either play solo or with friends! Upgrade your weapons, unlock perks, and survive as many waves as possible!
We’re releasing this game with one free map and one available-to-purchase DLC;

👽 Seasonal Alien Blast DLC: Santa's Cabin
This DLC offers:
• 5 available perks
• A unique weapon which becomes available to you in all other Alien Blast maps you play
• Have your friends join you for free, they don’t need to purchase the DLC
• The aliens are in the holiday spirit!
Buying this game supports our server and we appreciate each purchase! ♥


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