Update 22, Season 8!

🗨️ Gwynn’s News
There have been a ton of Chronos changes this week! A lot of bug fixes, game tweaks, and some new perks! All the community vote perks have been added 🎉 Also, this is our last update of the year! Thank you to all of our amazing community members, see you all in 2024!

🌐 Global
Create your own snowmen in the main hub! If you create enough, you’ll get an exclusive living title!

🕗 Chronos: Battle Royale
• Arrows break glass like snowballs
• Builder glass is now blue
• Glass slowly breaks while in corruption
• Fixed shulker boxes breaking in the corruption
• You cannot place a bounty on a player who’s in the corruption
• The amount of time that you get from selling items has been reduced by 25%
• The amount of time you get from kills has been increased by 10%, and the maximum time has been increased by 30 seconds
• Fog has been removed from the corruption to make it easier for players to find their way back
• Fixed spectators being able to attack players in some rare circumstances
• Fixed arrow rotation
• Fixed Prepare Shot not working on corruption bandits

🟡 Community Vote Perks:
• Random perk is now an available perk option
• Soulbound - Fragile items no longer drop with death
• Levitation Arrows - Gives levitation to enemies when you hit them, arrows do not deal damage
• Ghost - Players cannot see your time and you cannot be time leader or a bounty target
• Scaredy Cat - When you get lower than 3 hearts, you get 5 seconds of speed 2.
• Recon - You see everyone on the map (except Ghost players)
• Shattered Glass - Glass is red, and when it’s touched by players, they take ½ heart damage every second.

🟡 Other New Perks:
• Bandit Boss - Bandits no longer attack you, you cannot attack bandits, giving a bandit a sword equal to the one they’re holding, they’ll follow you and become an ally.
• Lucky - 10% chance to upgrade a box when opening it
• Time Siphon - You can now drop below 0 time and go into negative time. When you’re in negative time, all hits you make against others players steal 5 seconds from them.
• Trapper - TnT Bombs now have a fuse of 20 seconds but explode instantly if a player touches them

🟡 Perk Buffs:
• Sniper - Arrow flies at a much faster speed
• Soul Collector - Damage reduction is now percentage-based rather than a flat rate, and you lose 10 souls on death
• Shielder - 50% chance to find shield tokens, up from 25%
• Weakening Arrows - Using a tier 5 bow with this perk gives slowness 2 to a hit target.
• Prepare Shot - When at max stacks (6) the knockback is now quadrupled from a normal arrow shot.

🟡 Perk Nerfs:
• Airstrike - 3-block radius explosion instead of 6-block, which makes it easier to trigger the negative affect
• Ninja - 30-second cooldown after going invisible before you can go invisible again

😍 New Shop Items!
• Rare Nutcracker Avatar
• Epic Melting Snowman Gravestone
• Legendary Winter Sled Kart


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