Update 3, Season 2!

Another heavy week of changes for Chronos! We've listened closely to your feedback and balanced the perks. We have lots of data to help inform these decisions, so we'll continue to tweak them further! There's also been a really important vote recently, you may have been watching it closely, that's right... colored bears have finally been added. The Halloween event will hang around for another week or so!

🌐 Global
• Removed clock hunt
• Hallows Grove promotion removed
• Added Dragons Tale promotion (Go grab a free crown core!)

🕗 Chronos
• Added colored bears
• Bow damage takes into account drawback
• Bow knockback takes into account drawback
• Vampire has buffed from 5 -> 10 seconds
• Glass Cannon bow damage has been nerfed from x2 -> x1.5
• Tank extra hearts is nerfed from 3 -> 2
• Health scavenger has been buffed to 45 seconds
• Heavy Duty has been buffed to allow for sprinting and also is slightly less slow
• Stealth Jet has been buffed to only reduce damage for 1 second after landing
• Mythic chests now give better rarities of loot
• Sonic snowballs now causes a harmless explosion pushing all players away from the center
• All snowballs now break unstable glass
• Fixed airstrike self kills
• Fixed offhand items disappearing
• Fixed maps overwriting items in offhand
• Fixed placing blocks stopping breaking from happening
• Fixed losing maps upon being eliminated

🪐 Planets
• Added colored bears
• Some behind-the-scenes changes to try improve logging for some long running bugs

🏗️ Fill The Gaps
• Added colored bears
• New Map: Dining Room
• Pixel Art added from competition - The winners will receive this directly, we'll be letting them distribute it to their friends hopefully sometime next week

🛋️ Prop Hunt
• No changes this week

🛒 Shop Changes
We'll be updating the Ultra items on Friday, look out for those!

• Epic: Title - The One and Only
• Rare: Lightning Pixel Art
• Epic: Spaghetti Core
• Epic: Futuristic Gravestone (With particles)
• Rare: Pet Bunny Avatar
• Epic: Gamer Red Avatar

• Title - GG
• Pokey duck taunt
• Skull Core
• Candle Gravestone
• Ship Hat Avatar
• Angelic Warrior Avatar


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