🌐 Global
• Added taunt menu. Show off taunts with your friends in the hub!

🏎️ Hyper Racers
• Added music to races and battles!
• Battle Mode - over the last weekend, a second map was added called Mesa

🕗 Chronos: Battle Royale
This is the biggest Chronos update since it was released!
• Improved shulker box opening times
• Changed max time received from kills to 60 instead of 120. Eliminations now only give 60 seconds of time.
• Bow shots now deal even less knockback when not fully charged.
• The corruption now has a quadratic equation to more effectively change speed dynamically based on the number of players. Rather than a linear equation
• Changed mythic chests to be as good as legendary chests.
• LTM coming out tomorrow!
• Fire can now be punched out in the corruption
• Backpack Upgrades and Upgrade Tokens can now be sold at the shop
• You can now buy wooden swords at the shop
• Time Warps no longer spawn under water
• Text icons showing players remaining and kills now display properly all the time
• Time Warps from shulker loot has been made rarer
• Buff Vault Raider - Compass now always points to the closest key
• Nerf and Buff to Vampire - in doubles vampire now lasts 3 seconds, in solo vampire lasts 6 seconds. Changed from 5 seconds
• Nerfed Airstrike - minimum distance changed to 7 instead of 5
• Nerfed Weakening Arrows - Weakness now lasts 1-5 seconds based on bow tier. Arrows no longer do damage. At tier 5 arrows also slightly slow the player down
• Fixed flypads being able to be retriggered quickly after landing on them
• Fixed timewarps not always spawning on game start
• Fixed exploit allowing items to be picked up when dead
• Fixed duplication exploit using upgrade stations
• New Mechanic Bounties:
- Bounties will track a player on the map giving you rewards for killing them!
- Rewards the hunter with 60+ extra time and fully heals them!
- If the bounty target kills their hunter, they gain the rewards instead!
- Bounties fail if the target is eliminated or the target kills the hunter!
• New Mechanic Invisibility:
- Invisibility completely hides the player from other people. Only some faint particles will be shown!
- Invisibility ends when the player hits another player!
- The hit during invisibility does 0 damage.
- Players can still be hit while invisible.
• Added 12 new perks:
- 2 new perks for each existing category
- 3 new perks for bounties
- 3 new perks for team play
• Map Changes
- The time has shifted and a new area has appeared on the southern west side of the world.
- Vault locations have been changed.
- Pirate cove shop was removed.
- Loot boxes were tweaked across the map.

🛒 Shop Changes
This weeks shop changes:
✅ Added
[Uncommon] Wink Taunt
[Epic] Red Headset Core
[Legendary] Gamer Red Avatar
[Legendary] Angelic Warror
[Legendary] Pirate Evo-Avatar

❎ Removed
[Legendary] MVP Title
[Epic] Bee Hive Gravestone
[Epic] Ship Hat Avatar
[Rare] Tiger Tail Avatar
[Epic] Cat Evo-Avatar