🌐 Global
• Enabled prestiging
• Added taunts to game lobbies

🏎️ Hyper Racers
• Added hit messages to battle mode
• Changed Power-Up weighting in battle mode to help balance the game
• Added achievements
• Fixed bug which caused temporarily jumping out of the kart to launch the player further than expected
• New Map! - Koi Park

🛒 Shop Changes
This weeks shop changes:
✅ Added
[Rare] Very Confused Taunt
[Epic] Futuristic Gravestone
[Epic] Fabric Bunny Avatar
[Rare] Foxtail Avatar
[Legendary] Mermaid Avatar

❎ Removed
[Uncommon] Wink Taunt
[Epic] Red Headset Core
[Legendary] Gamer Red Avatar
[Legendary] Angelic Warrior
[Legendary] Pirate Evo-Avatar