🗨️ Chipstick’s News
You’ve all voted and an official town name has been chosen: Clockwork City! Now Jam and I can focus on our next project, new currency!

🌐 Global
• 11 days left in our Chronos Build Contest! Check out full details here!

🦘 Parkour Builders
• You no longer get frozen when respawning
• You will no longer be respawned when walking directly on the edge of a parkour
• You can now search for a parkour by its name in the parkour lobby
• Inventories are now saved in build mode
• The radius of flags can now be changed
• You can now purchase more parkour slots in our store
• A new channel has been added to our Discord called #parkour-publish! When players share a parkour, it'll be posted there!

😍 New Shop Items!
• Parkour Slots! Build more parkours with our new Parkour Slots item!