Hello everyone! We have updates for every game this week, including a few global updates! The Gummy Bear promotion will be ending on Monday, so go find them while you can! Double XP weekend starts today and ends Sunday, take advantage of this by leveling up quickly! Our Holiday event starts on December 1st! Happy Thanksgiving to our American players!

🌐 Global
• Double XP Weekend LIVE NOW! This ends on Sunday
• Gummy Bear promotion ends on Monday
• Holiday event starts on December 1st!
• Saying "GG" at the end of a game in the podium room will now award you with some bonus XP
• Fixed giving "GG" bonuses to spectators
• Tutorial text appear sound is now quieter
• Ender pearls should be much less likely to teleport players inside of blocks (please let us know if this is still occurring)
• Fixed various language issues

🕗 Chronos: Battle Royale
• Fixed 0,0 bug (again, hopefully for good this time)
• Fixed being able to teleport away from the podium room using ender pearls
• Fixed players having an advantage by glitching underneath the map
• Fixed respawning players after the game has already ended

🪐 Core Wars
• Added drill timers above each drill to let players know how long they have left till drilling
• Icons above the shops now show what the shops are selling rather than what you spend
• Fixed being able to interact with drills before the game has officially started
• New Map! Nether Solo, Duos, Quads

🛋️ Prop Hunt
• Added tutorial text at the beginning of the game for new players
• Added 2 new power-ups: Invincibility and Fake Taunts
• Much more XP is given to hiders who hide for longer
• Power-ups now have unique icons

🏗️ Fill The Gaps
• Added tutorial text at the beginning of the game for new players
• Added team icons (similar to Core Wars and Chronos)
• More updates coming to FTG next week!

🛒 Shop Changes
✅ Added
• Epic: Awesome Person Title
• Uncommon: Road Works Taunt
• Epic: Cactus Pot Core
• Uncommon: White Flag Gravestone
• Rare: Pink Unicorn Avatar
• Rare: Fairy Avatar
❎ Removed
• Epic: Title - The One And Only
• Rare: Pizza Pixel Art
• Rare: Fish Bowl Core
• Uncommon: Plank Gravestone
• Rare: Fox Tail Avatar
• Legendary: Lord Shell Avatar