🗨️ Alex’s News
Its Alex News AGAIN. New Season 4 Prestige has released! Check them out! The Robot Battle Arena promo has ended! Do check out the map on the marketplace!

🌐 Global
• Item pickup will now have a slight delay to match vanilla behavior if the item has recently been dropped out of your inventory.
• Polling has been removed. More Polls will be available in the future.
• No teaming message now appears at the start of solo games.

🛋️ Prop Hunt
• New Snowballs power-up - allows the props to fight back by pushing seekers away
• Fixed seekers having a faster speed after being changed from a fast prop
• Fixed hiders sometimes being stuck with invincibility after having absorption hearts
• Fixed seekers being invincible when changing from hiders as the invincible power-up activates
• Community Map Sphinx Ship map added by SevenScroll5003 & Argent7879

🛒 Shop Changes
This weeks shop changes:
✅ Added
Main Shop - Added:
[Legendary] MVP Title
[Epic] Butterfly Girl [Blue] Avatar
[Epic] Butterfly Girl [Orange] Avatar
[Epic] Ship Hat Avatar
[Legendary] Pirate Boy Evo-Avatar
Core Wars Shop - Added:
[Epic] Sand Castle Bucket Core
[Rare] Duck Pool Ring Core
[Rare] Pool Ring Core
[Rare] Beach Ball Core