🌐 Global
• We focused a lot of back-end and QOL changes this week to improve stability.
• Blocks like iron bars, stained glass panes, and fences all have proper hitboxes now.

🏎️ Hyper Racers
• New Hyper Racers Map: Route 51

🪐 Core Wars
• Sakura’s middle island is now solid so players can't get stuck inside

🏗️ Fill The Gaps
• Quality of life changes - Fixed builds for Atlantis, ToyBox, Dining Room and Farm

🛒 Shop Changes
This weeks shop changes:
✅ Added
[Uncommon] Spaceman Taunt
[Legendary] MVP Title
[Legendary] Bee Keeper Avatar
[Rare] Foxtail Avatar
[Epic] Cat Girl Evo-Avatar

❎ Removed
[Uncommon] Wink Taunt
[Epic] Blue Gamer Avatar
[Rare] Pink Unicorn Avatar
[Rare] Definitely Not Foxtail Avatar
[Legendary] Cyborg McQuack Avatar