🌐 Global
We focused on some pvp changes this week while also preparing for some behind the scenes things πŸ˜‰

πŸ•— Chronos: Battle Royale
β€’ Fixed players gaining frontline effects without an ally
β€’ Added particles to the scout perk to show when a player is using scout
β€’ Changed scout to hit for 1 half heart less damage instead of taking 1 half heart more damage

πŸͺ Core Wars
β€’ Reduced β€œcan’t place block here” spam
β€’ Added a respawn timer to show when a player can respawn
β€’ Changed hitbox of core slightly downward
β€’ New LTM: Core Wars Push! It’s a 10 v 10 mode where players must try to push the other team's core off of the ledge!

πŸ›’ Shop Changes
We’ve started doing a new store rotation! You can find all items in the store menu. This weeks shop changes:
βœ… Added
[Rare] Robot Taunt
[Epic] GG Title
[Legendary] Angelic Warrior
[Rare] Snow Leopard
[Rare] Snowfox Tail
[Epic] Evo-Avatar Puppy Girl