🌐 Global
• A lot more behind the scenes work has been done in preparation for private games!
• We removed the Core Wars LTM, thank you for playing and giving us feedback!

🏎️ Hyper Racers Shop
✅ Added
[Legendary] Green Race Car
[Legendary] Blue Race Car

❎ Removed
[Legendary] Red Race Car
[Rare] Shopping Kart

🏗️ Fill The Gaps
• Fixed a bug where arrows could block the placing of blocks in bonus builds
• New Map: Zoo! With 33 different animals to build 🐒
• Lobby update! Now includes a dedicated shop for Fill The Gaps
🏗️ Fill The Gaps Shop
✅ Added
[Legendary] Breakfast Pixel Art
[Rare] Lightning Pixel Art
[Rare] Pizza Pixel Art
[Uncommon] Wink Taunt

🛒 Shop Changes
This weeks shop changes:
✅ Added
[Epic] Ship Hat Avatar
[Rare] Tiger Tail Avatar
[Rare] Toilet Paper Avatar
[Epic] Fabric Bunny Avatar
[Legendary] Pirate Boy Evo-Avatar

❎ Removed
[Uncommon] Spaceman Taunt
[Legendary] MVP Avatar
[Legendary] Bee Keeper Avatar
[Rare] Foxtail Avatar
[Epic] Cat Girl Evo-Avatar