Week 6, Season 7!

🗨️ Orbi’s News
I’ve been working a lot with Chili to teach them new tricks! There are a few other animals I’ve been trying to tame; wish me luck!

🌐 Global
•  Players can now search for titles using game names
• Changed AI to be more predictable and precise when navigating the world. This includes: pets, emerald defenders, corruption bandits and props
• Playing on 1.19.30 will no longer show yourself or others as invisible in games
• The overlapping chat issue has been fixed for 1.19.30 clients, but older clients will now see large spacing between chat messages
• A gem counter has been added to the top right of the hub and will be added to all the other games soon!

🎊 Playground
• Lots of bug fixes to TNT Battle

⭐ New ELITE Items
• POG Kill Bits
• L+RATIO Kill Bits



I’m the Community Manager for Galaxite! I’ve been a fan of Minecraft since 2012 and working in the industry since 2014. My job is to create fun experiences and offer server support for players.