Week 5, Season 7!

🗨️ Orbi’s News
There's so much to do now that I'm back! Chipstick has gladly given the news task back to me, he's starting working on some wacky inventions with Jam. I've been monitoring usage of the new slime and honey blocks available in Parkour Builders! Have you played with them in your parkours yet? 🍯

🌐 Global
• French, Dutch, Italian, and Polish Translations Updated, thank you Maroli, Anne, Sassanblack, and Alice!
• Players will now stay in the same lobby after a private game ends
• Game codes are now shown again when they are unhidden in private games
• The ‘Safety First’ title is now spelt correctly
• New Prestige levels and rewards added to Season 7 Battlepass

🎊 Playground
• New Kit PVP arena!

🦘 Parkour Builders
• New Parkour Staff picks!


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