We're at Update 10!

HELLO! We've listened to the community and made a Planets update based on figures we've heard from a the players! We will be announcing the season 1 end date next week. 🎉

Every content update we'll rotate out part of our shop, here are the new items:
• Rare: Toilet Paper! 🧻
• Epic: Spaghetti Core! 🍝
• Epic: Puppy Evo-Avatar Male! 🐶
• Epic: Puppy Evo-Avatar Female! 🐶
• Epic: GG Title! 🇬🇬
• Legendary: Angelic Warrior! 👼
We've removed: "Pet Golden Retriever!, "Shell Core", "Lord Shell Avatar", "Awesome Person Title", "Taunt Pokey Duck" and "Sakura Tea Core". If you missed out on these items, there's a chance they'll come back in the future.

🌐 Global
• New Shop Update
• Spanish Translation has had some improvements
• Typos fixed across language files.
• You no longer get teleported to the spawn if you fail at the parkour. You will be teleported back to the start of that parkour instead
• Bug Fixes

🪐 Planets
• Iron and Stone Toolkits are now part of the normal shop instead of perks!
• Tier 1 Hearts now give you 1 extra Heart
• Tier 1 Hearts price change: 20 Iron -> 15 Iron
• Tier 1 Armor Buff! 30% Damage reduction to 35% damage reduction
• Tier 3 Armor Price change 9 Emeralds -> 10 Emeralds
• Tier 3 Heath Boost; 10 Hearts -> 8 Hearts
• Emerald Drills now have a cap of how many emeralds they can store - 3
• Diamond Drills now have a cap on how many diamonds they can store - 32
• Extra XP boost is now given to the winner based on how much core health they have remaining!

🛋️ Prop Hunt
• Name Reveal has returned under certain circumstances

Content Update 10 / Season 01 / Sep 24 2020


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