Winter Art Contest!

Hey everyone! We're hosting a Winter Art Contest, where you can enter to win cool prizes on the server! You don't need to be practiced in art to participate; everyone has the chance to win. We'll be choosing up to 3 winners who will receive prizes! Entries for this contest are open until Saturday, January 27th!


Create a piece of art that has something to do with Season 8 Galaxite and Minecraft. Recommended themes are My Farm Life, Alien Blast, The Entity, or the S8 Battlepass.
• There are no limitations as to what kind of art style you can use. It can be a drawing, painting, a Minecraft build, or any other artform. You can create this art digitally or in real life.
• Your art should include some aspect of Season 8.
• You may submit up to 3 entries into this contest. You can submit each entry in the same ticket.


• Keep it appropriate and kid-friendly
• Art must be entirely made by you
• Art must be Galaxite & Minecraft related
• Must practice good sportsmanship towards fellow artists (No bullying)
• This is a solo contest. Only one account can claim the prizes for winning with one piece of art
• AI art will not be considered
• You must be a member of the Galaxite Discord to enter this contest
• You are ineligible to win this contest if you're banned on our server or Discord Server.


• We recommend making your art in a large size and in high quality. This will allow us to resize it as needed if you end up being the winner and your work gets displayed in our hub. If you need a rough idea of size, you could go with 1,920 x 1,080 pixels.
• If you make your art in a real-life setting, we recommend scanning it into your computer. If this is not an option, please make sure to get a clear and well-lit picture of your art which properly shows its details and quality.
• If you decide to create a Minecraft build, please take several screenshots that show off your build and it's features.
• Pick a theme and stick to it! Don't get overwhelmed trying to fit everything Galaxite-related into one art piece. Pick one area and dive into it!

How We'll Be Judging

• Skill
• Creativity
• Layout/Organization
• Style Consistency
• Novelty


First Place
• Your choice of either Alien Blast: Santa's Cabin DLC, My Farm Life Early Access, or The Entity: The Forest DLC
• Your art displayed on our Social Media, Discord, and Website!
• Your art displayed in our Main Hub on the server
• An exclusive Legendary title "Amazing Artist" title
• 90 days ELITE

Second & Third Place
• Your art displayed on our Social Media, Discord, and Website!
• An exclusive Legendary title "Amazing Artist" title
• 500 gems
• 30 days ELITE

How do I enter?

To enter, create a ticket on our Discord server by running the command -artentry in any public channel. (Please only create one ticket!) This will open a staff-only ticket so that other contestants will not see your entry. You can ask questions and send us your entry in full size within this ticket.

You have until Saturday, January 27th to submit your entry! Winners will be announced within the week after entries close.


I’m the Community Manager for Galaxite! I’ve been a fan of Minecraft since 2012 and working in the industry since 2014. My job is to create fun experiences and offer server support for players.