Another week, another update! 🙌 As time goes on, we'll be releasing some smaller updates as things have become more stable. We're starting to make a big push on adding some new features that the community has requested, so please keep an eye on that soon! 👀

Which is your favorite?

Every content update we'll rotate a part of our shop, here are the new items:
• Rare: Lightning Pixel Art! ⚡
• Epic: Rainbow Cloud Avatar! 🌈
• Epic: The One And Only Title! 🏆
• Epic: Learn To Play! 🎴
• Epic: Solar System Core! �🌞
We've removed: "Pizza Pixel Art, "Pirate Girl Evo-Avatar", "Ship Hat Avatar", "Pirate Boy Evo-Avatar!" and "Mechanical Gravestone". If you missed out on these items, there's a chance they'll come back in the future.

🌐 Global
• New Shop Update
• New Ultra Items! Choose from the Ultra Banana or the Ultra Headset Core!
• Bug Fixes

🪐 Planets
Planet perks have been updated! Will you be able to equip the Netherite sword to slay your enemies?
• New Perks!
• Weapon Upgrade
• Shop Sale
• Fast Regen
• Speed

🏗️ Fill The Gaps
We wanted to show some love to our FTG players! We are planning a larger FTG update in the future however for now enjoy this new map!
• New Map: - Wild West! Yee-haw!

Content Update 8 / Season 01 / Sep 10 2020