Week 3, Season 7!

🌐 Global
• New living titles were added to Hyper Racers, Playground, Rush and Core Wars shops

⚔️ Rush
• Portals are now activated in Rush! Falling into the corruption now automatically teleports you back to your spawn. Be warned though, players can follow you through the portal to chase you!
• Added 3 New Loot Modifiers:
- Armor Polish: Reduce the damage of the next hit you take!
- Weapon Sharpener: Increase the damage of the next hit you deal!
- Corruption Shield: Falling into the void no longer deals any damage for the next 2 falls!
• Default inventory space has been increased by 4 slots, backpack upgrades can now be applied up to 10 times.
• Equipping Loot Modifiers now greatly increases the chance for the item to drop for the player who equipped it - we want choosing a Loot Modifier to be more of an informed decision to shape how you play the game. Single Loot Modifiers give a much greater chance, while groups of Loot Modifiers don't give as much of a bonus chance to the player who equips.

🏎️ Hyper Racers
We brought a classic to Hyper Racers that values strategy over speed. Battle Mode: Capture the Flag. Coordinate with your teammates to defend your flag and steal the enemy's flag! This game doesn't have powerups, pre-existing jump pads, or coins. Instead, you'll be able to equip kits to adopt a playstyle and use the wrench launcher to knock out your opponents!
• Kits:
- Turbo Nitro: Gives you a speed booster to use that recharges every 30 seconds, and you can only store one use.
- Ice Lobber: Gives you an Ice Slider every 10 seconds, and you can store three uses of it.
- Spring Tinkerer: You can place a jump pad down, which can be used twice before disappearing. You can store one use and recharge it every 30 seconds.
• With the addition of CTF, we're vaulting Battle Mode: FFA as a playable game for the time being.

🕗 Chronos: Battle Royale
• Fixed Falcon speed 3 bug
• Fixed crash related to dying to Poison Arrows (they should no longer kill)
• Fixed last kills not being counted

🏗️ Fill The Gaps
• Winning the game now also counts as a round win to allow for gaining achievements


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